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Halloween Musings: Costumes

20151025_141531webHalloween, Day of the Dead, there’s something that makes us love costumes.  Maybe it’s the chance to express some aspect of our character that we normally keep hidden, maybe it’s a chance to go back to childhood where we were more free to imagine ourselves with alternate lives, when we might become almost anything.

Here is the same young man in  several different avatars –

Dan Oct1993

He can  be a clown —

Or a prince–Dan Oct1992

Or maybe experiment a little further – all the way to a different gender!



No matter how you costume yourself, each imagination can bring you closer to the realest you.

And there is the romance of anonymity also – the classic question: who was that masked man? Whether you are behind the mask or in front of it, the romance of being unknown is only slightly more exciting than the romance of not knowing.




So turn the kaleidoscope and come up with a new you for Halloween – maybe some part of the costume will stick!


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