Allyson Johnson

Pieces of my Mind


One day I looked around and realized that people I knew who were quite close to my age were beginning to contract debilitating illness, lose mental acuity, even die.  I decided to quit my day job and begin doing some of the things I had always wanted to do more of: writing, travel, time with friends and family.

I managed to get a writing gig for a monthly column in my local weekly newspaper (Los Altos TOWN CRIER), which validated my writing ideas. The novel I hoped to publish is two years behind schedule and still pending another revision – a work in progress is better than a work abandoned!   I visited eight foreign countries in the first two years of my new life, but have tapered off since then, as family began to suck up time and energy (sandwiched between generations – a familiar story!)

But I only miss my day job on alternate Tuesdays when the moon is dark.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Allyson, I love your writing and sincerely appreciate your friendship. Please keep sharing via your blog!


  2. marcosouthwest on said:

    great place you have created! greetings


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