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Life in a COVID-19 Hot Spot – Week 10: The Choices are getting hard

Today I drove to a produce market and bought fruit.  Not amazing, except it is the first time in two months that I have driven my car. (My husband has used it on alternate weeks to keep the battery charged.)

At the market, I wore my face mask.  The market allowed only 10 customers at a time.  Within the market, duct-taped arrows on the floor directed me around the fruit and vegetable stands – if I missed something, no turning back.  I avoided putting my choices in bags as much as possible – everything went into one bag at the check-out station, which was shielded by plastic curtains except where  I could insert my credit card for the check-out.

For a decade we have been asked to bring our own reusable bags to shop. Now reusable bags are possible vectors of infection, and the plastic bag makers are staging a comeback.  All I can do is to pile my fruit and vegetables all together in one cart, let the checkout clerk sort, and put my purchases into one paper bag.

Public transportation, re-usable bags, cluster housing – all those ecologically correct ideas are now hazardous – how can we save the planet now?

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4 thoughts on “Life in a COVID-19 Hot Spot – Week 10: The Choices are getting hard

  1. Chantal on said:

    In France, same type of problems… The plastic lobby boats the convenience and hygiene of the disposable plastic dishes, the industries try to postpone the ecology arrangement for more efficiency(back to “la croissance !) and yesterday I saw about 50 cars waiting in line for the McDonald’s drive. There are also strong voices for a change, see what happens..


  2. Things sure have changed since this crisis began.


  3. Thank you, Allyson, for voicing the very thoughts I have been having!


  4. Valarie Sanford on said:

    Hi Allyson Young Johnson! I’m trying to reach you on my Mom’s behalf (Anna Helton). I don’t know how else to reach you, sorry to use this format. Can you please contact me? Valarie Sanford –,


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